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We are the experts and the good news is that we are closest to you. We are only a call away from you. In a bid to be of service to an increasing number of people, we have people throughout the clock and throughout the year and who are dedicatedly looking after hotlines to help people who have had a collision and their windshields need immediate repairs or replacement.

In the shed or at your place:

We are flexible with our place of service. So, I you cannot bring your automobile to our shed to repair your glass, we can tow it to our shed or better we can even do the repair at the place of your choice.

Not only windshield but also:

We are experts in windshield, side glasses and the rear view glass. So, whatever is the issue with the glass in your automobile we’d be in a position to help and at our beck and call; we are always flexible like that!

We strictly follow the statutes:

Yes, you may be slightly inconvenienced because we strictly follow the regulations called SDAT (Safe Drive Away Time) which is the time lapse before which the vehicle cannot leave our shed in case of a total replacement of the glass because we believe that we are committed to ensure safety of our passengers and their families as much as we are committed to following the laws and regulations of the United States of America. The time lapse is recommended because the adhesive which is used for bonding the glass with the automobile’s body takes time to effectively bond and any time before the lapse of such time, the car will not be safe if it meets an accident en route.

We are committed to the environment as well!

We do not throw the damaged glass into landfills. We take them to the recycling unit where the plastic laminate inside them is melted and separated and the glass is broken down into shards. Both the material is again recycled. We hope that you count on us in your times of urgency!


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