This is all and more that you must know about your auto windshield

Your vehicle is your means of transportation later. First of all, it is a medium which ensures your safety. You may have heard of the saying that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Similarly, when we talk about setting on a journey, you may never know what awaits you on the road. Prudence that is common sense as much as the country’s legislation demands that you maintain your vehicle and ensure that the parts newly acquired and fitted or refurbished meet the industry standards.

This is as much important statutorily as much as your family’s personal safety.

It so happened that exactly one year ago, I was on an official trip in my car riding on a quite bumpy road. Suddenly, the windshield of my car crashed. I could never make sense out of it. Even one year later, after everything done and is dusted, I am still unable to single out the reason how it crashed in front of my eyes without any knowledge or warning!

But it happened, and yes I was caught unaware: Till then, all I thought was that I was a strong woman and that if I could drive myself to work, there is nothing more I need to know and that was that! How wrong I was! Because there in the middle of the road, stranded and alone, with a crashed windshield, I had no idea what to do next or whom to approach to get it right.

Not forgetting that I had an important meeting to be presiding at and one where I could not afford to miss even if there was like the biggest catastrophe – it was a meeting with our biggest client and he was in a volatile mood!

So, I log on to the internet to figure out what I must do next: I log on to find a windshield repair near me and I am so glad that I found the most reliable one.

Is it dangerous to drive with a crashed windshield? The windshields of vintage cars were made of pure glass and they were not shatterproof. That meant that when the first generation of automobile was fitted with the glass windshields they were as much a danger as not having them at all. A small collision could mean that the glass either shattered or it loosened and fell over the hood.

A lot of vehicles those days did not have windshields in the first place. To protect the driver and the passengers form the strong winds and the flying debris, they had to wear hat, goggles and a scarf. Later, statutory regulations ensured that all automobiles came fitted with a windshield and that is how it is up to date. Windshields of today employ shatterproof glass with a sheet of laminate between them. In the event to of a collision, the tempered glass only cracks but does not shatter unless hit with something pointed that pierces it

The laminate that is sandwiched between it ensures that the glass particles do not become a hazard to the passengers in the automobile. It also helps that the windshield is fitted in such a way that in case of an accident not only does it not shatter and break away but also does not allow the roof of the automobile to cave it thus averting further accidental collision into objects in the front of the car. I remember a police officer telling me once about a car that had a windshield crack because a rock fell on to it and how the impact was big enough to shock the passengers and the drivers. The driver had lost control but in the nock of the moment he got the controls back. The accident could have had been fatal because the car itself was tailing a tanker which was transporting a highly volatile fuel to the nearby gas station. Imagine!

Do you know what safe drive away time means?

When there is a replacement of the windshield, the minimum time before which the automobile will be safe to drive away from the shed is called SDAT or the Safe Drive Away Time. This is a statutory requirement. This allows the adhesive that is used to attach the glass to the car to effectively bond with the car's body. If the car is driven away before the SDAT, it presents the danger of not protecting the passengers in case it meets an accident before the adhesive effectively bonds.

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